Deaf Dog!

Up and down and all around

Posted in Uncategorized by Heather on March 24, 2011

Intense, spontaneous desire to cut my hair very short. This is never a sign of mental health.

Recently, I’ve been feeling like I can just go ahead and stop thinking of myself as being single.  I’ve stopped wearing makeup or nice clothes. I don’t flirt. I just try to be good and not end up in the hospital. I keep talking to people who are off their meds and making myself all jealous.

My talk therapist broke up with me. Well, not broke up. She just wants to spend some time apart- until my medications stabilize. First I cried a little. Then I thought it was hilarious and told everyone. Now I want to hack off my hair.

In the little green book of fairy tales I grew up with, there’s a picture of some jerk dragging some girls around by their hair and I’m thinking of the imagery I was thinking of in the garden but incorporating a girl whose head is bent far back and hair all entwined with glories, like it will snap her neck. Comas in climbers.

Need to draw a picture of Batman (the cat) to send to my little niece. Need to draw anything really.

7:30 PM Plan of action-

Order food (so as not to further dirty dishes)

Tackle insane person’s backlog of dishes while waiting. Listen to special sing-a-long playlist to ensure compliance

Eat while watching charming, but very predictable movie.

Wash up and take pills. Prep tomorrow’s croissant for overnight proofing (I love you Trader Joe’s)

Sit at drawing desk until Ativan alarm goes off. Hopefully this will make me draw.

Get ready to sleep.


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